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Compact Ultra-Low Noise Phono Turntable Preamp Preamplifier $45.00

Pyle - PP999 , Home Audio / Video , Turntable Accessories , Compact Ultra-Low Noise Phono Turntable Preamp with 12-Volt Adaptor - Preamplifier

This device allows you to use a turntable on your 'newer' type stereo system or docking stations that doesn't have an input specifically labeled "PHONO".
Plugging your turntable directly into an input other than one labeled PHONO, will cause symptoms such as extremely low, muffled or distorted audio. Once you install this device between the turntable and an available input on your existing stereo, such as CD, TAPE IN, AUX, or similar, you will once again hear the audio from your turntable coming thru crisp and clean at a normal volume level.
The left and right inputs on the phono pre-amp, pictured above, connect to the turntable, and the outputs go over to your modern stereo or computer sound card


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  • 20Hz-20KHz response
  • RIAA ready! (has RIAA curve circuitry installed)
  • produces up to 2Vpp output
  • THD (total harmonic distortion) 0.08% (excellent!) with a 1khz 3mv input
  • input sensitivity: 50Kohm impedance, 3mv(average for a MM cartridge)
  • SN ratio at least 70dB (using ANSI standard S12.2-1995 noise criteria[NC] that specifiy equal -loudness levels of noise over the audio spectrum.) A-weighted
  • For use with amplifers/recievers and docking station without an input labeled 'phono'.


  • Features:
  • PYLE is a trusted brand name.
  • Installation phone support by a repair technician (514) 767-9585 (ask for Dany or Pascal)



Are you getting a 60hz hum when the phono preamp is hooked into your receiver ?


  • Make sure it is NOT hooked into a 'PHONO' input. Its output is designed to hook into 'TAPE CD AUX' etc inputs!
  • Make sure your house outlet is grounded properly with a little 3 PRONG plugin tester.
  • Make sure you are connecting the third grounding wire coming out of the turntable to the external METAL framework of your receiver.
  • If you get a loud hum when hookin up only the preamp to your receiver, this does not necessarily indicate a fault in the preamp. Many electronic circuits require something called 'termination' When the inputs of an amp or preamp are 'floating' then the output will reflect this.
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